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With A Combined Experience Of Over A Decade, We Have Started "OnePLUS Ultrasound Lab" to Provide Timely And Accurate Diagnostics To The Patient With Emphasis On Quality. We come to you with an emphasis on bringing in a new era of doctor-patient-diagnostician coordination for improved results in patient care and outcomes.

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  • I have never been better supported by a pathology group in my career. I did not realize how much pathologists could enrich my medical knowledge base and my patient care outcomes. The doctors of OnePLUS Ultrasound Lab read their slides promptly, communicate effectively in their reports and phone calls, and seek collaboration to bring new science and new standards of care. I cannot say enough about the wonderful care that we receive from OnePLUS Ultrasound Lab. Anuradha, Pitampura
  • I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the kindness and courtesy to OnePLUS Ultrasound Lab and Dr. Nitin Agarwal.  The power of caring and empathy makes a tremendous difference in the lives of others.  Your heartfelt thought will most definitely be remembered. Anugya, Rani Bagh
  • When i have gone to OnePLUS for my Ultrasound, I found extremely professional service, which has been excellent from the moment the patient is scheduled to the moment the patient's report comes back. The report comes back quickly, and always looks great with an arrow on the images that makes it easy to explain to patients and easy for patients to understand.You have a very convenient service with great same-day appointment times and also convenient locations. Sharda, Delhi

Dr. Pooja (Garg) Agarwal

Specialised In Fetal Medicine, Obstretic Ultrasounds, Anomaly Scans, Fetal Echocardiography,  Gynaecological USG And Color Dopplers.

Dr. Nitin Agarwal

Specialised In Hematology, Cytology (FNAC), Histopathology, Infertility Testing, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Hormonal Assays, High Performance Liqu ...